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Solenoid IP Ratings

The first number relates to mechanical penetration and the second number is the moisture penetration - the higher the number the greater the protection. Danfoss IP67 coils can withstand submersion under water at a depth of 1 m for a minimum period of 1/2 hour.

Degrees of Protection To DIN 40050 (IP):
Example - IP65 6 = First code letter, 5 = Second code letter
First Code letter: Degrees of protection against contact with foreign matter

0 - No protection of the equipment against the penetration of solid foreign matter
1 - Protection against large foreign matter
2 - Protection against medium sized foreign matter
3 - Protection against fine foreign matter
4 - Protection against granular dust deposits
5 - Protection against dust deposits
6 - Protection against penetration of dust

Second Code Letter: Degrees of protection against water ingress

0 - No protection
1 - Protection against dripping water falling vertically
2 - Protection against water drops falling diagonally
3 - Protection against spraying water
4 - Protection against splashing water
5 - Protection against jets of water
6 - Protection against flooding
7 - Protection against the effects of immersion specified pressure and conditions


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